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Guntner GACC Cooler – Fan Assemblies

Fan assembly for both the 4 and 7mm fin spacing GASC range comes in 2 sizes

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Product Details

Model                 Description

VT0603               Spare - 100 Watt Fan Motor Assembly for GACC Range

VT0605               Spare - 200 Watt Fan Motor Assembly for GACC Range

Cross Reference

GASC Model       Fan Motor Spare

4mm Fin Spacing

1820882M           VT0603

1820842M           VT0603

1820848M           VT0603

1820844M           VT0603

1820843M           VT0603

1820851M           VT0603

1820852M           VT0603

1820839M           VT0603

1820875M           VT0603

1820885M           VT0605

7mm Fin Spacing

1845987M           VT0603

1845996M           VT0603

1846007M           VT0603

1846000M           VT0603

1845991M           VT0603

1846021M           VT0605

1846008M             VT0605

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