This years Summer Promotion on Panasonic heating and cooling products is now underway. The models featured th promotion are as follows:

  • KIT-UE9-PKE 2.5 Kw Wall Mount - £295.00
  • KIT-UE12-PKE 3.5 Kw Wall Mount - £345.00 
  • KIT-RE18-PKE 5Kw Wall Mount -  £515.00

These prices will be available throughout the Summer months at TF Solutions. You can also find full technical specifications fot the models below.

(RE18 can be found on page 23 of the 2013 Panasonic Catalogue.)

Please feel free to contact your local branch with any enquiries or questions.


                EU9/12 Technical Data                                                                              Panasonic 2013 Catalogue