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Sporlan Liquid Wax Removing Drier Flare


Small amounts of wax are often a problem on low temperature systems. Even well engineered systems frequently contain minute quantities of wax that are sufficient to clog expansion valve screens or cause sticking of the valve. Sporlan has developed a special blend of desiccants, including activated charcoal, that removes small amounts of wax in the liquid line before the wax can cause trouble at the expansion valve. These Catch-All Filter-Driers have been very successful in correcting trouble jobs in the field.

Select an HH Style Catch-All Filter-Drier if wax problems occur on low temperature systems. In addition to their wax removal ability, these filter-driers will remove all of the other harmful contaminants that the standard filter-driers remove

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Product Details

Main Features 

  • Moulded porous core delivers excellent filtration capacity while providing exceptional water and acid capacity, and eliminates the possibility of desiccant breakdown
  • Polyester pad seals core to shell wall to prevent refrigerant bypassing core, provides added filtration
  • Leaf-spring holds core firmly in place and provides shockproof assembly for rugged handling
  • Corrosion resistant epoxy coating on shell
  • Compatible with HCFC, HFC and the new HFO/R32 blend refrigerants

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