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Sporlan Replacement Filter Drier Cores

Sporlan cores are constructed from a moulded composite of desiccant

material(s) bonded to provide very high mechanical strength, micronicfiltration, high moisture absorption and acid removal where applicable. Each core is fully activated and placed in a hermetically sealed container.

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Product Details

Main Features & types


This is the traditional core suitable for liquid and suction line applications


High Water Capacity Core, Designed especially for use with POE lubricants. This core should be used on systems that have been exposed to the atmosphere, or for some reason have a high amount of moisture in the system.


Activated Charcoal Core. This core should be used for wax removal on low temperature systems, and for clean-up of systems that have had a hermetic motor burnout.


•Filter element. This element should be installed in the suction line to obtain the lowest possible pressure drop after cores were used for system clean-up.

 Note: Cores not included with drier shells - to be ordered separately

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