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Sporlan Sight Glass - Solder


The Sporlan Moisture and Liquid Indicator combines the two functions of moisture and liquid indication into a single economical product. It takes the guess work out of servicing refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. It assists the technician in determining the state of the circulating refrigerant at a particular location and if a safe moisture level exists in the system. Excessive moisture in refrigerant systems can cause unwanted chemistries such as hydrolysis of lubricants and other materials, corrosion of metals, copper plating, ice formation at the meeting device and a chemical change in the motor insulation of a hermetic compressor.

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Product Details


  • ONE INDICATOR for all REFRIGERANTS — provides a true moisture indication for Refrigerant 134a, 404A, 407F, 407C, 407F, 410A or 507…
  • INDICATOR PROTECTED from DISCOLORATION and DIRT — by a filter pad and screen. This prevents washing of the indicator by the refrigerant and protects it from system contamination and turbulence.
  • COLOUR CHANGES ARE EASILY DISTINGUISHED and REVERSIBLE — indicator colours differ so widely between the wet and dry condition, there is no possibility of confusion. Colours reverse as often as moisture concentration in the system changes.
  • LARGE FULL VIEW SIGHTGLASS — extra-large crystal clear sight glass for viewing the refrigerant. Bubbles indicate a shortage of refrigerant or a restriction in the liquid line.
  • DISASSEMBLY FOR INSTALLATION IS UNNECESSARY — with extended fittings on small size solder models.
  • PLASTIC CAP — is supplied to keep the glass free from dust, dirt and grease.

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