The Ice Men have teamed up with Panasonic to offer our customers a choice of amazing top of the range Panasonic electrical gifts with every purchase of ELITE and STANDARD PAC-i systems*


1 x PAC-i Kit = FREE DMC-SZ8EB-K Compact Camera 

2 x PAC-i Kits = FREE Tool Kit 1 or Lumix Rugid Compact Camera
EYC100LA2L 10.8v Combi Drill Twinpack with LED torch 

3 x PAC-i Kits = FREE Tool Kit 2 or Lumix Superzoom Camera
EYC208LX3G 18v Combi Drill & Impact Driver Twinpack

4 x PAC-i Kits = FREE Tool Kit 3 or HD Camcorder with WiFi
EY78A1LS3T 18V SDS Hammer Drill & Driver

5 x PAC-i Kits = FREE 42" Viera Smart LED TV

6 x PAC-i Kits = FREE Tool Kit 4 or 50" Viera Smart LED TV
SPECIAL KIT EYC208LS2G, EY46A2X (Grinder), EY45a2X (Circ Saw)



NORTH: 0161 429 5917 / MIDLANDS: 01283 566 711 / SOUTH: 01582 842 157

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